Fire it Up!

From luxurious outdoor kitchen components and high performance cart barbeques to versatile, travel-anywhere portable grills, Jackson Grills provides the equipment you need to fire up good times with family and friends. As one of Canada’s leading specialty grill companies, we are committed to providing a diverse range of grilling technology options, factory tested to meet strict quality control standards, and backed by knowledgeable customer support. In your backyard, summer cottage or the backcountry, make the most of the great outdoors with Jackson Grills.


High Performance

The quality of the conception of Jackson Grills BBQs are the same as other more expensive BBQ. Their cooking system are build with powerful line burner of 15 000 BTU placed near the grills and with an air intake who bringing the heat to the grills.


The results are amazing:

  • Your BBQ can get 500 degree F in 2 minutes
  • The heat is directed to the grills and less on the burners, so their lifetime is upgraded
  • You get a better gas combustion and therefore your gas consumption is decreased
  • No need for a Sear burner, your control on the heat is granted


High Quality

Most of the Stainless Steel BBQ in the competition are only on the door and the top of the BBQ. Jackson Grills BBQs are 100% stainless steel from screw to shelf, everything’s there! You will also find some component you rarely see on a BBQ of this price: Infrared rotisserie, light and commercial wheels.
Unlike the competition, Jackson Grills BBQ are already assembled. This feature is really important because it improve the rigidity of your unit. Also the majority of the component are welded, this included the front console, the pedestal, shelf and even the grease compartiment.


Portable Grills

Jackson Grills also have a portable grills séries called Versa. On these units you will find the same quality and performance available on the bigger BBQ. They have 3 format of portable grills, the Versa 50 (the smaller one), Versa 75 and Versa 100 (the bigger one) These units are perfect for those of you who like camping, hang out at beach or at the park. It’s also possible to install it on a boat. With this kind of BBQ you will be able to really enjoy the ultimate outdoor grilling experience!