Saber is a division of the W.C. Bradley Co. business, one of the oldest manufacturers of BBQ. A few years ago W.C. Bradley Co. had developed a new patented burner and Saber was born. What Saber grills are now offering you is a completely different way to cook on a BBQ. Their new burners have been developed to provide convection heat to cook your aliment. With this new technology no flame is touching the food on the grill. This system allows the flavor of your marinade to be vaporized on your meat and then increased the taste.


Saber has 3 different lines of BBQ with all the same burner system, the difference will be the conception of the unit. This allows Saber to offer you a larger option of pricing on their BBQ.


You have the Black Series who offer you a great look at an affordable price. The head of the unit is powder coated black and it sits on a black steel pedestal. The firebox of the Saber Cast series is a mix of stainless steel 304 and cast iron on the side. Finally, the Elite series is a full stainless BBQ and pedestal who will provide you a maximum life time.