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FERVOR – Australian Excellence

Fervor is a manufacturer of modern and high quality BBQ and BBQ accessories specially designed for you. Their enterprise mains value are family, friendship and good food, those three values represent very well the Quebecer market. For more than forty years, their philosophy has been to produce quality products that are attractive and affordable for everyday families.


The Fervor Advantage

Fervor range of gas barbecue grills are fitted with their patented Roasting Hood design. Most Fervor models also feature a full-width glass viewing windows. Unlike other brands which have smaller windows, the tempered glass runs the entire width of the hood allowing you to view the entire cooking area.


Because you don’t need to repeatedly lift the hood to check on the progress, heat and moisture are retained inside the hood enabling faster and more efficient cooking. Ideal when roasting or using the rotisserie.


Fervor also got a lot special features like : Jetforce igniter, self-cleaning technology, zoned cooking and the clean touch. All those technologies are the reason that make Fervor so special. They also have been conceived to receive accessories and make the BBQ into a real grill station.


Grill Smart Technology

Unique and exclusive to Fervor, Grillsmart™ cooking plates have been specially designed to allow for the easy redirection and drainage of heated fats and oils as they are released from foods during the cooking process.


With angled cooking plates and the channeled cooking surfaces, fats and oils travel down the collection channel and into the waste cup – which is easily removed for disposal and cleaning.


Grillsmart™ technology makes for healthier, great tasting food and a reduction in flare ups.


Best of all, Fervor’s barbecues featuring Grillsmart™ are easier to clean thanks to this innovative breakthrough in BBQ design.