Outdoor living … Morso not only makes winter warmer – they also make summer longer and your patio more beautiful. A Forno and a Grill Forno are much more than a grill. They create the center for any cozy evening on the patio with magical fire and beautiful flames. A design statement. The outdoor oven can be used as a grill and once the food is cooked, we can stoke it up again for a lovely evening and Morso will keep you warm for whatever season.


Morsø Forno Garden is a grill and pizza oven on a large outdoor table on wheels. This gives you a working area and the ability to move the table around the patio. There is plenty of room for decorative firewood, herbs and the most important utensils, so that they are always at hand. His accessories will also allow you to use the Morso Forno to cook steak, fish and smoke your meat. Just spread ember under your Tuscan Grill and you will be able to grill any meat or vegetables you want.


Morso also has other grill unit to offer you. The Morso Grill 71, it can be the perfect grill for you if you don’t have many spaces or for your camper installations. This affordable grill will beautify your outdoor set-up with its classic looks, its indestructible and you get a charcoal grill.