Kozy Heat

Kozy Heat offers a complete line of gas & wood fireplaces in addition to stylish accessories to complement any decor. This company from southern Minnesota produces fireplaces and inserts in a classic or linear design, besides offering the best quality/price ratio. Furthermore, their products will please you with a beautiful and large variety of options.



Kozy Heat is a family-owned business that was founded in 1976. For the past decades, their work ethic and friendly attitude have been pleasing their customers, suppliers and employees. They are continuously enhancing their fireplaces’ reputation of quality and they are proud to put the Hussong Manufacturing name on every product they sell. Indeed, the conception quality of their units is superior than the industry standards.


Variety of Options

Each fireplace and insert offered by Kozy Heat gives you a great choice of options. In fact, you can almost customize everything. The front, log set, glass burner, light set, interior panel, burners, etc. Indeed, you will have plenty of choices to create your personalized fireplace that will fit perfectly in your favorite room.


Heating Capacity

On the Slayton and Carlton series, it is also possible to install a blower kit and a heat transfer vent that can transfer a part of the energy from your unit to other rooms. This option can be interesting if you want your fireplace to be a real and efficient auxiliary heating unit.


Space Efficiency

Kozy Heat units are also known to have the most permissive venting restrictions on the market. In fact, If you are having troubles to find a fireplace that can fit into your room because of the venting or if you want to save some space, ask your fireplace dealer about Kozy Heat units. You may find the answer to all your problems.